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Happy weekend.

I am counting down the hours until I am able to leave this cold, miserable office and enjoy my weekend!  What is everyone doing?  Tonight I am going to the minor league baseball game with E and my parents.  Super excited about eating some ballpark food.  I am working at my AMAZING bridal boutique tomorrow and then I am getting an iPhone on Sunday (to join the rest of the living and breathing)!!!

Here are some of my OH MYs that should keep you entertained until the end of the workday (if you haven’t peaced out of there early already):

These would make awesome friendship bracelets:

Photo from: Lily and Laura

Apparently Jack the Ripper was a woman!? Read about it here:

Photo from Perez Hilton

Can I have you in black?

Photo from here.

This is the best mascara.

Image from here.

I’m very into hot pink lipstick lately.  I wore some to my concert and pretended I was Nicki Minaj:


Photo from here.

This is an awesome article about how college grads do not know anything. (I certainly didn’t know anything, so I postponed the inevitable and went to graduate school)

Would I look like an idiot or super cool in these studded shorts? Thoughts please.

Photo from NastyGal.com.  They have tons of these studded, embellished shorts and even though I did not win the 10,000 dollar giveaway they had today, I still want to show them some love because I love everything on this website.

J.Crew Outlet has 40% off all new items and there are some striped jumpers calling my name. Like this one:

 Check them out here.

I think that’s all.  Have a good weekend, drop in to let me know your Oh Mys of the week :)

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Friday Find.

I finally caved and told my best friend that I have a blog.  I was going to keep it a secret, but I am bad at those.  She suggested I do a “Friday Finds” feature on the blog that would highlight new restaurants, stores, or online deals each week (good idea right? She is pretty awesome, that is why she is my best friend).  As my first official Friday Finds post, I am highlighting the free shipping sale going on at Butter by Nadia this weekend.

Have you ever heard of Butter by Nadia? It is a dress line that features jersey dresses that are one-size fits all and convertible.  You can wear one dress a MILLION different ways. Literately.  Check out this Youtube video to see how the dresses can be styled.

I have been eyeing a Black Signature Wrap Gown for quite some time now.  My all-time favorite blogger, The Londoner, blogged about the magicalness that is a Butter By Nadia dress and of course, how gorgeous she looks in it is a selling point.

 Photo from The Londoner.

The dresses are pricey, so I have been afraid to purchase for a while.  I even went as far into registering online and filling out my credit card info for a black Wrap Gown only to exit out and put my credit card away and my head in my hands and shudder.  

Alas, yesterday I received an email about free shipping (Now, I realize shipping is only like 15 bucks, but I was waiting for ANY incentive to buy this dress other than 1. I wanted it badly. 2. It could be my birthday dress in June. (I don’t even want to talk about that currently my birthday plans are to have a shrimp boil and I plan on wearing practically a gown to it.) 3. The dress is not one dress but it’s like 30 dresses in one 4. I could wear it to a wedding.  I don’t have any weddings on the horizon, but if I got invited to one, I’d be ready….or I could attend a ball/formal gala at the drop of a hat looking glamorous in my new dress….ok, ok so now I started getting far-fetched with my reasoning.  However, the thought of saving even 15 dollars on my new dress got me, and I purchased on my recently paid-off credit card.  

I will let you know the second I receive it in the mail and post some pictures, but in the meantime- enjoy these:

Photos are not mine, courtesy of Butter by Nadia.

Friday Find: Type in “HAPPYBIRTHDAY” into the promo code when purchasing your Butter by Nadia piece and receive free shipping!

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Texas Brisket

Yesterday, I wrote about my Texan Meal that I made for my newly Texan man.  I wanted to follow up with a recipe to the most amazing beef brisket ever! E has been eating off of it for a week!  And get this-he has never eaten brisket in his life.  {?!?!?!???!??????}

I had to work all day and this recipe does call for a bit of oven time, so E actually did the labor on it.  {credit given where credit deserved}  So for those of you wanting a Texan meal with some hearty meats, please see below for the ridiculously easy recipe:


1 package of low sodium beef stock (I bought the organic kind in the cardboard carton, my apologies- I am unsure how many ounces it was)

Beef brisket-3 pounds and it was a lot of food! I would say one pound per two people eating.

Baby carrots

2 medium sized white onions

1 can of crushed tomatoes

A good meat rub- something containing garlic, salt, pepper, onion power, etc.


Heat your oven to 350 degrees.  Season the raw meat on both sides (I marinated in the rub overnight which was extra good, but not necessary).  Place in roasting pan, uncovered and roast for one hour.  Cut the two onions in half and then half again making quarter chunks.  Put seasoning on the onions and carrots.  Take the brisket out of the oven and place baby carrots and onions in the pan.  Pour the crushed tomatoes over the meat.  Last, pour the beef stock in the pan until the beef is almost covered (about an inch and a half of liquid).  My directions to E were “about as much liquid as I would need it I were sunbathing in the pool.”  Cover and roast for the next three hours at 300 degrees.

Side note: E forgot to cover the brisket for the first hour of the covered cooking time, and it still turned out awesome, so this recipe is mistake friendly!

The end result is fork tender, melt in your mouth brisket with juicy carrots and onions that taste like they have been in French Onion Soup all day.  Enjoy-Oh my!


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The Morning After.

I went to a concert last night.  I have officially become an old woman- isn’t that what happens in your mid-twenties?  It’s such an awkward age.  My co-workers with children will look at me wistfully, and I know the thoughts running through their head.  They’re thinking about how I can go out all the time during the week for happy hours, dinners, and then party until the wee hours of the morning without a care in the world like I am in some kind of tampon commercial. 

Here is a hilarious rap video that illustrates my thoughts perfectly about this age:

I digress. The fact of the matter is, something sad happens around 24 or 25.  Your body’s resilience to going out and “partying” (and by that I mean more than three vodka sodas) takes a plummeting crash, and you’re left with hangovers and bad morning afters- Oh my!

So here are my tips for when you’re not having the best morning after.

1. Sleep.  However, if you have a job, and you went out on a Wednesday night-this obviously won’t work for you on Thursday morning.  But your body does need to the rest to build back up the nutrients you lost when dancing on tables.

2. Rehydrate.  This also means stay away from the caffeine.  Coffee dehydrates you.  If you must consume some caffeine, drink green tea which is hydrating.  Grab the water bottle and pound it.  Along with green tea.  Keep drinking {the water}.

3. Pedialyte.  You would think my Pedialyte was endorsed by my family because after a heavy night of drinking, every sibling of mine will mill around with a Pedialyte in hand.  One time my boss asked me, “Why are you drinking baby water?” Pedialyte replenished nutrients for sick, vomiting babies.  And hungover adults or in my case-hungover fake adults.  It tastes gross, but if you put the orange kind on some ice and drink- I swear you will feel better within hours.  PSA #1: you must drink the ENTIRE bottle.  I realize it is a weird consistency because it is thicker than water but thinner than a shake, but just drink up.  Cheers.

4. Eat olive oil or honey.  Olive oil will coat your stomach and protect it from that hangover feeling.  So put a tablespoon of olive oil on something and eat.

5. Eat a little.  Whoever said that greasy food “soaks” up the alcohol is mistaken.  During a hangover, it’s best to eat something light such as fresh fruit or chicken broth to soothe your stomach and replenish your body without weighing it down.

6. Take a shower.  This is easy if it’s a Thursday morning (ahem-like today) but this is more difficult on a Saturday or Sunday morning because all you want to do is lay around. Switch between hot and cold water. This will help release the toxins in your body, plus you’re clean from that dirty night of partying :)

7. Pickles. In Poland, a common remedy for hangovers is drinking pickle juice.  If you’ve gotten this far into my list, you’re desperate-so why not? The electrolytes like salt, which preserves the pickle, as well as the fluid in general, will help you feel better.

Things that made me laugh, maybe they will help your hangover as well:


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Texas Mac’n’Cheese.

About a week ago I made a Texas meal for my new Texan man.  My boyfriend has recently relocated to Texas so I decided to make him homemade mac’n’cheese and beef brisket.  I don’t really think the man’n’cheese is particularly Texan, but more Southern and comfort food.  I found a recipe on Pintrest that I redid to make my own and the end result was delicious!  It took 20 minutes AND it was all in one pot.


1 lb. bag of elbow macaroni

2-2 1/2 cups of low-fat or fat-free milk (all we had was skim)

1 cup of shredded mozzarella

1 cup of shredded sharp cheddar

1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard

1/4 cup of jalapenos diced

Salt and pepper to taste


Heat the 2 cups of milk on medium in your boiling pot.  Once the milk is simmering or bubbling, pour all the pasta into the milk (I used a bag of elbow macaroni, but use whatever pasta you like- just pay attention to the cooking time on the directions on the bag). 

Once the pasta is in, put the heat down to medium-low to low and let the pasta cook in the milk.  Throughout this cooking process, keep stirring the pasta so it doesn’t clump together (PSA#1: unfortunately, you cannot leave the stove at this time-you must stand there and stir.  I’m serious). After about 20 minutes of stirring and the pasta is cooking, your pasta should have soaked up the milk and become a creamy, rich texture.  (PSA #2: if you need to add more milk, like if the pasta is getting clumpy, add some more milk).  Taste the pasta to make sure it is fully cooked. 

When the pasta is cooked, fold the cheese into your pan which should still be on low heat and the cheese will melt into your pasta make it sticky and cheesy (note: you are STILL stirring at this point).  Add in japalpenos for a little Texan spice and some salt and pepper to taste and voila- you have mac’n’cheese in all one pot that only took 20 minutes (and it wasn’t Kraft!)-Oh my!

Final result (E isn’t big on spicy so I had to add the jalapenos after! Feel free to add onions or peppers to this also.)

I had this today for lunch at work but I added steamed cauliflower and brussel sprouts-damn good!

Stay tuned for the beef brisket recipe!

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Vintage wedding dresses.

As you know I have a wedding obsession.  One of my brides this weekend had a 1920s inspired wedding planned which sent me searching the internet for ideas. Here are some photos of vintage dresses I found:

Oh My! These photos took my breath away.  I especially love Jenny Peckham’s line.  The last photo is breathtaking as well. What do you think? What is your wedding style?

These photos are not mine.  Please click on the photos to be linked to where I found the photos.

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Food Truck Festival.

Did everyone have a good weekend? I get some serious Monday blues because I work six days a week.  So to cheer myself (and maybe you) up, I’m going to post pictures from the amazing food truck festival I went to this weekend!

Definition: A food truck: mobile kitchen, mobile canteen, or catering truck is a mobile venue that sells food. Some, including ice cream trucks, sell mostly frozen or prepackaged food; others are more like restaurants-on-wheels.

The festival included 25 trucks! I snapped a few photos of we ate and what other people ate for your entertainment.

This was an 18-inch hot dog from a hot dog food truck!

The menu….

The Food :)

Belgian waffle with peanut butter and bananas on it.

Home made popsicles.  E got the Pina Colada flavored kind.

What did you do this weekend?

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The Mints.

I am an online shopping addict.  Have you heard of Shoe Mint? Or Style Mint? There are part of the Mint lines, which are exclusive, online shopping sites in which they email you every month and you have the option to buy an item or “skip” the month.  THE CATCH: if you don’t “skip the month” then they will charge your credit card (only after you make your first purchase, in which I have purchased from both sites already.)  Every item is worth a “credit” however they offer deals all the time.

Shoe Mint is styled by Rachel Bilson and her celebrity stylist, Nicole Chavez, and made with the help from Steve Madden- so they’re good quality.  These beauties were one “credit”  (80 bucks) but I waited until they sent out a coupon so I bought them for 20% off. 

Aren’t they beautiful? Oh my!

Here are some more awesome shoes that are available on Shoe Mint.

Love them all.

Style Mint is a t-shirt line by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.  I bought this soft, flattering, striped shirt (I have a crush on stripes!).  I didn’t pair this with leather shorts like this photo from the website. But I paired it with my favorite boyfriend jeans (I tried taking a photo and my phone is broken :/ will try to take one and add later)

Home Mint just came out, and Justin Timberlake is on board! I’ve only browsed the website for a minute, but there are some cool pieces.  I posted pics below:

I can’t wait to shop. Oh My!

Photos are courtesy of Shoemint.com and Homemint.com.

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